The first meeting with Volfix

Describing:  The first meeting course is suitable for everyone who want to get acquainted with volume analysis in trading without deep learning.

You will receive all necessary information how to set your personal setups and you will receive my own setups and simple strategy. You can check by yourself on historical data your personal ideas.

Advantages of using:

  1. 1 month subscription of Volfix platform is include. Unlike of trial access where you have just 14 days of data, here you can use historical data for over than 8 years and you can test all your ideas and you can trade on Demo account in real time.
  2. You will receive setups for the main instruments and mains timeframes (1 min, 15 min, 30 min, 1 hour, 1 day) : GC (futures on gold), 6E (futures on EUR/USD), ES (futures e mini S&P), NQ (futures on NASDAQ ), FDAX (futures on DAX), CL (futures on crude oil).  In some cases we can send you additional few setups for your favorite instruments.
  3. Simple intraday strategy on these instruments. This strategy shows you some advantages and you can use only it for trading. But much better if you update it to your personal goals and your style of trading.
  4. You will receive an access to our closed group of volume trading. In this group there are professional traders from over the world and you can discuss any your ideas with them and ask them for some advice.

The cost of – 150 EUR. Duration  1 month. After  you can decide will you use this platform in future or not. And you will have enough of time and information for making decision.