Personal Coaching

Describing:  Personal coaching created for traders who are appreciate the time and want to receive individual approach. In personal coaching we test your level and do a personal program based on your experience, preferences, trading style. We will share with existing trading systems and will adapt them for your style and your instruments. We expect in the end that you should have profitable systems based on volumetric analysis.

Total duration: 1 month.
Instruments: Currency pairs, indices, commodities. Include such tickers as: ES (miniS&P), FDAX (Dax), NQ (NASDAQ), CL and B (Crude oil and Brent), 6E (EUR/USD futures) 6B (GBP/USD futures) GC (Gold futures) est.
Language of training: English, Italiano.

Time frame: From 1 minute till 1 week.

Plan of training: 4 weeks of training, Total 8 lessons. 2 per week. Days and time will be consider.
Cost of training 1500 EUR. In cost includes subscribing  Volfix platform for 1 month.

Plan of courses:

  1. Lesson 1.  Testing your level of trading and knowledge in trading and analysis.
  2. Lesson 2-3.  Explaining basic rules of using software and volumetrical analysis. Personal setup for trading.
  3. Lesson 4-8.  Real time trading with coach. Updating of trading systems for personal using of student.
  4. Lesson 9-10. Checking results and correction after 6-8 weeks passed.


In the end of each lesson will given personal hometask.

Bonuses for students:

  1. Free subscribing of Volfix platform during courses (2 months).
  2. Free access in chat room where you can talk with other traders.
  3. Personal setups and personal strategies for most popular instruments.
  4. 10% discount for any courses, seminars and subscribing for During 12 months (save more than 250 USD for year subscribing and save more if you want participate on others courses)
  5. Free access to special courses only for students.
  6. Support during 12 months by skype or by e-mail.


Starkoff Andrew. Practicing trader with experience over 10 years on market. He is using volumetric analysis more than 7 years. Author and blogger of a large number of articles about using Volume profile and Clusters Analysis. He is demonstrating his trading on public account from  July 2016. His result more than 100% for half  year. With drawdown not more than 5%.  Results of public account and examples of trades here: