Fabio la Rosa

Started the trading activity in 2011 driven by great enthusiasm and innate propensity to trade. Benefited from his previous work experiences (musician, advertising and graphic web master) he does not struggle much before taking
a good feel for this new online trading industry, with which he is very at ease.
After attending a course with Alessandro Catullo  he starts a deep exploration of the harmonic trading putting an extreme attention on all  studies of Fibonacci componet. He complited his studies with William Gann studies. He has developed proprietary strategies using the Fibonacci numerical techniques. He prefers short-term operational techniques but does not disdain also medium and long-term techniques. Being a lover of a limited leverage, he has now learned that just as war is not who makes the loudest bang but who continue to shoot without stopping … forgive the subjective aphorism. His innate propensity for verbal communication soon brings him to want to transfer his knowledge to the others and to organize trading courses based upon many study and strutegies. He finds himself very much at home in this activity, also thanks to his long experience as a music teacher.
Lover of software technology currently works with professional analysis platforms,like for example E-Signal.
Since two years he create and developes, helped by Chantal Sala, lots of indicators and Expert Advisors for MT4.