Basic course

Describing: this course was created for beginner and traders who have some experience with analysis of volumes. You understand that big players are managing of prices behavior and you want to know how to recognize them. After courses you will understand how and why price moves. Where are main levels of the support and resistance?  Which direction better for trading? In which direction “smart money” are loaded. And we provide special lesson for answering for all questions.


Total duration: 1 month.
Instruments: Currency pairs, indices, commodities. Include such tickers as: ES (miniS&P), FDAX (Dax), NQ (NASDAQ), CL and B (Crude oil and Brent), 6E (EUR/USD futures) 6B (GBP/USD futures) GC (Gold futures) est.
Language of training: English, Italiano.

Time frame: From 1 minute till 1 week.

Plan of training: 4 weeks of training, Total 5 lesson. 1 per week. And 2 lessons in the last week.   Support during next 3 months.
Cost of Participation  400 EUR, Videorecords – 300 EUR. In cost includes subscribing for 1 month.

Plan of courses:

  1. Lesson 1.  Daily Profile: how to read it and which advantages you can get.
  2. Lesson 2.  Volumes areas construction. Daily volume areas, local cluster volumes. How to use filters.
  3. Lesson 3.  Price behavior: 3 monitors how to identify direction.
  4. Lesson 4. Levels of accumulation of the past periods, what is the priority? How to use them. Levels for opening and closing positions.
  5. Lesson 5. Personal coaching.


Bonuses for students:

  1. Free subscribing of Volfix platform during courses (save 150 USD).
  2. Free access in chat room where you can talk with other traders.
  3. Personal setups for most popular instruments.
  4. 10% discount for any courses, seminars and subscribing for for next 3 months (save more than 80 USD for year subscribing and save more if you want participate on others courses)
  5. Free access to special courses only for students.
  6. Personal coaching.
  7. Support during 3 months by skype ot by e-mail.



Starkoff Andrew. Practicing trader with experience over 10 years on market. He is using volumetric analysis more than 7 years. Author and blogger of a large number of articles about using Volume profile and Clusters Analysis. He is demonstrating his trading on public account from  July 2016. His result more than 100% for half  year. With drawdown not more than 5%.  Results of public account and examples of trades here:

Rosita Furnari  started trading activity in 2013, immediately attracted by the Auction Market Theory.

She has studied many authors such as J. Dalton, J. Keppler, A. Lengua and

learned how to work with Volume Profiles either in daily trading and intraday. She has worked with some professional platforms, such as T3 and Ninjiatraders, Author and blogger of