Our trading and training are based on the market and volume analysis. Our logic is very simple – to identify the major players and join them. On the excess liquidity instruments – to explore places of the main battle between buyers and sellers and join the winner. If you are not a major player and want to make a profit from speculation on the stock exchange, it is the most sensible tactic of trading. Join the winner. The sooner you determine the winner, the sooner you will be able to open directed position and the greater potential profit you can get.

Using volumetric analysis allows you to see both local and large-scale places of battles. The response of price to these volumes points to the winner. Using cluster analysis shows spikes of volumes in the turning points; analyzing them, we can construct a scenario of price action with a high probability. We use professional platform Volfix for analysis and trading, as well as provide training on the basis of this program. If you are wondering how this works – please join our trial webinar, where we tell how it happens.


Be trained by professional traders


What makes this Volfix Traderd the program unique

You can see the big players – through local and global storage volumes.

The possibility to analyze the volume, Bid, ASK, Delta, Delta%, Delta, Ticks, Hiden ticks and so on in clusters, vertical and horizontal bar charts.

We teach you how to trade with volumes and how to analyze the price behavior in long, middle and short time frame.

You can create your own strategy based on your individual requirements.


The book "Volume Analysis: How to receive advantages in Trading"

In Volume Analysis: How to receive advantages in Trading by Andrew Starkoff, the author reveals the old truth in a relatively new interpretation. The idea is not new: the action of major players has a significant impact on the price. They move the price directly by buying and selling in large quantities. But since these purchases are basically always quite large, we can see high spikes in volumes at different price levels.

Noting such volumes at horizontal levels it can be understood from what price they buy or sell. And if we manage to decipher the intentions of major market participants, we can take side with them. The side of power. Thus, we can regularly earn money in the market, as we will always join a stronger team before the game starts.

Now is avaliable other 3 translations of the book:

Deutsche Version. Klicken Sie hier, um die Demoversion zu lesen.

La version Italiana. Clicca qui per leggere la demo.

Русская версия. Кликните сюда, чтобы читать демоверсию. 

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Be trained by professional traders




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Uwe Kae

I have been trading Delta chart for more than 5 years through Marketdelta and Esignal , Seira Chart , Trading through Volfix is like you have moved to higher level trading with flexable and advanced tools you wont find with other platforms , wherever you are trading Stocks , Futures , Forex it makes a diffrence. https://www.linkedin.com/in/nashwan-althawr-963a5a54

Nashwan Mohammed Al-Thawr, YemenJ